Whitetail Deer Hunting

We can accommodate most types of whitetail deer hunts for you. We have box blinds that can be heated if needed, ladder and tripod stands or bring your climbing tree stands if that is your preference. We offer both semi-guided and self-guided hunts, so hunt your way.

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Turkey Hunting

We have a very large turkey population that just keeps getting better year after year. Bring your favorite calls and portable blinds and call in a long beard for a hunt you will remember for years to come. We think you'll get hooked and come back year after year!

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Coyote Hunting

Coyotes can be very challenging to hunt and lots of fun too! We are not over run with coyotes, because we continually manage the population. This allows us to offer coyote hunts as an add-on hunt to any of our other hunts.

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Its Not Our Passion - Its Our Life

We love setting in a stand waiting on the first signs that daylight is starting to creep into the darkness, the sounds that early morning bring as wildlife begins anticipating a new day dawning -  watching birds and squirrels and all sorts of wildlife going about their business of living.  We love the sound of rustling leaves or twigs cracking indicating something is approaching.  That's what makes our passion for hunting so much more than an obsession.

Although we have not hunted out of the country or even the western states,  we have hunted nearly every state east of the Mississippi.  Hunting has been an obsession for so much of our lives that we can truly say it has been and is our life.  Our love of the hunt far exceeds just our passion for the outdoors or the harvest - It's all about the experience.  We get just as much excitement and adrenaline flow for a successful hunt that we setup, as we do on one of our very own hunts.

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